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    I interpret the subject matter as it is listed " Block Beta Updates: Have an option in settings to not show updates available if they are Beta." As whether or not the end user should be able to see or not see the Beta updates as they are pushed to their device. That being said I believe that a few points need to be considered as an end user before commenting.
    1) Did the user agree to using a BETA version of an application?
    2) The difference between a Beta update (to a non Beta app.) and a Beta application/program needs to be explained to the layman. I see where some other comments seem to allude to the fact that the commentator thinks that the Beta update is a Beta App. vs a Beta update to the current version of the non Beta App. version.
    3) If the user signed up to be a Beta tester and read the T&C terms then anything that takes place during the predetermined testing period should be explained in there. Therefore if it wasn't put to words that explain these points then TESTER BEWARE! You may be opening your device up to a myriad of things that could negatively impact their computing device. That, as we all know, is exactly what an end user does not want at all. Since most people just click through the T&C agreements and never read them the owner of the Beta App. is not liable for any data loss on the testing device nor any networked devices that may suffer from the negative affects that the Beta update or the Beta app. has caused.
    4) If point 1 and 3 are in play with any Beta App. or update reconsider being a part of the testing. It shady and could cause you a lot more trouble than just crashing your device.
    5) In my mind if I am part of a Beta test of any sort I would want full transparency plus the ability to fix what ever the Beta process broke. That way I can give a much more informed report on my experience. But also by being able to fix whatever was broken during the testing I am more likely to be motivated to be honest and non biased.
    So in my opinion, I think the should be made available for review prior to downloading. Hence implying that, Yes, the option to not show them as an option is a fairly good idea. Although I would not approach this subject in the manner that it has been. However that is not the point so it's irrelevant. What I think would help and be a more comprehensive way to approach or implement this idea would be to force the end user to, at the very least, would be to list off the changes being addressed by the updates and simply give the Beta updates a marker of some sort or put into another category with their own explanations of what they are intended to address/fix then let the user decide. That way if a Beta is chosen then the T&C agreement can be triggered along with the directions remove them, roll them back etc... Thank you have a nice day.

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